2014 –Scripture Memorization Highlight

The year 2014 is signifying a big transition year for me.  I have chosen verses that have encouraged and strengthened me during difficult times I have experienced recently. 

Memorization is not easy for me so my preferred way to memorize scripture is in small sections. When I break the verse up into manageable portions I can place them together and learn a verse that will actually stick with me. 

It’s important to know your learning style.   For me it’s visual.  I am a right-brained person and images stick with me like photographs in my mind.  I take the small sections of verse I am memorizing and write them out over and over.  I also doodle them with patterns and images that stick in my mind as clues. 

What style of learning works best for you?  It doesn’t matter how you memorize only that you do.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • SING scripture – Ever have that one song stick in your mind and you can’t stop singing it?  Well, if repetition is the key then singing might be for you.  Just keep singing! ♪♪
  • WRITE scripture—This worked for daughter’s spelling words in elementary school.  This could mean taking a piece of paper and writing it over and over, type out on your computer
  • SPEAK them out loud—Some people are auditory learners and hearing translates to memorization.  Repeatedly saying the words out loud.
  • DISPLAY in Significant areas—Post your memory verse in areas in your home or office where you are certain to see it and read it.  The more times you read it the more likely you are to memorize it.
  • CHALLENGE yourself—Take the words from your verse and cut them out in lines and then words.  Challenge yourself to place them in the correct order as quickly and accurately as possible. 
  • APPS / PROGRAMS can help—The important thing is to DO it.  Look in your electronic app store and see if there are scripture memorization apps that will suit your learning style.  The benefit to an app could be the reminders to work on your memorization verse.
  • OLD SCHOOL flashcards—Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  This has worked for years and may still work for some.  SAVE those flashcards too!  It will give you an opportunity for a refresher on the verses you may have already learned. 

There are so many options.  I found these articles from Pastor Mark Discoll  and Lifeway Women with additional suggestions.


Do you have a successful memorization method you would like to share?  Comment below!  It could be a blessing to someone else.

Happy Memorization in 2014!!

I am a follower of Christ. I want to walk in obedience to his direction. With his help, I will walk faithfully and bring honor and glory to his name.

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